Alternatives to Court, Mediation and Collaborative Law

Mediation, arbitration and collaborative law

Mediation, arbitration and collaborative law offer a means of settling divorce privately and out of court.

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Mediation is a popular method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) which provides legal advice throughout the process.

We can advise and assist you through the mediation process and formally draw up any agreement reached into a Consent Order in divorce proceedings or simply record details of the resolution in an open document.


In arbitration, an independent third party considers the dispute and makes a decision. The arbitration process is flexible (meaning that you can control the process and the timescale), confidential and can be very informal. When agreeing to arbitration both parties sign up to the rules of the arbitration scheme and agree to be bound by the arbitration award. You may nominate your own arbitrator or you can ask the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA) to choose an arbitrator for you.

At Verisona Law we can assist in a number of ways either by assisting you through the Arbitration or by referring matters to an appropriate Arbitrator.

Collaborative Law

The collaborative process requires both parties to have a collaborative lawyer and endeavours to resolve any disputes during a series of meetings. The process requires the parties and their solicitors to sign up to an agreement promising to try to reach an amicable agreement on all issues without going to court.

If agreement cannot be reached then the parties cannot continue to instruct their collaborative lawyers and must instruct another solicitor to represent them in subsequent court proceedings. This encourages all parties involved to make the process work.

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