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Personal injuries can be minor and temporary or catastrophic and life-changing, but if they were sustained as a result of somebody else’s fault you have the right to claim compensation. We have helped many people get their lives back on track and have dealt with all types of claim, from road accidents to clinical negligence – winning compensation ranging from £1,000 to £6m.

If you are newly injured you may need treatment, rehabilitation, and financial support if you cannot work. We can advise you on benefits, secure interim compensation payments if liability is admitted and liaise with your employer or bank.

When it comes to your case we will advise you honestly if we think you have a claim and if so, fight hard on your behalf. We may be able to work on a “no-win, no-fee” or similar basis. The first step is to discuss your case with you. We can do this by phone or in person (at any location nationwide) and this is free, without obligation and in confidence.

We have lawyers who are accredited members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), which means we abide by their Code of Conduct and Consumer Charter to offer the very best service to you.

If you would like a friendly, specialist team with an excellent personal injury claims record to act for you, please get in touch with our personal injury lawyers in Portsmouth.

Call our Personal Injury Solicitors in Portsmouth on 023 9298 1000 or start your compensation claim online and we’ll call you.

How we have helped our clients:

  • Acted for a man who suffered Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome as a result of working with air tools for many years. The employers strenuously fought the case which settled only days before trial. The client received a significant sum in damages.
  • Acted for a lady who was involved in a road traffic accident who suffered a head injury with associated tinnitus and loss of hearing. Tracy was able to secure appropriate treatment to allow the client to move on whilst at the same time obtaining a respectable settlement for the Claimant.
  • Acted for a lady who fell on a green near to her property. The Claimant stepped onto a barked area to take a seat but the level of bark had dropped causing the Claimant to fall and break her hip. Liability was strenuously denied by the Defendants. The claim was complicated by the fact that the Claimant passed away before the claim could be settled and the matter then had to be dealt with on behalf of her estate. Proceedings were issued, following which the Defendants made an offer to settle.
  • Acted for a man who sustained an injury at work during the course of his employment, whereby his arm had become caught in the hydraulic arms of a skip lorry. The Claimant’s muscle had been squashed to the bone and he suffered permanent nerve damage to the radial nerve together with associated muscle wastage.

What our clients say about us

“Lovely, friendly, great people. Very understanding too and very good at what they do and very happy with the result. Many thanks again Lisa and everyone involved in my case.”

Personal Injury client (May 2018)

“You really do make life for people in difficult situation so much easier to live with and for anyone going through such a scary time in their lives, they are so lucky to have you helping them.”

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